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We are a french web agency that operate in UK with a commercial office. We only propose SEO activity in UK. We are the first company to provide pay per performance SEO on first Google natural page after a small setup fee. We work only with very competitive keywords and our daily price on result depend of its popularity.


Only SEO

1rst Google (and only 1rst) page on results

More than 7 000 000 unique visitors for our clients

Non blacklist guarantee for our work

Middle delay for the first Google page : 4 months

100 % whitehat

Daily work

Référencement Google

All our clients remain confidentials.

French keyword exemple debt consolidation, credit, swimming pool, spa, video game, champagne, defibrillator...

We only work on very competitive keywords (more than 1000 search per months)

And most of the time with a at least £2 Google Adwords CPC

Setup fee : £1770 for a old domain name and £3880 for a recent one

Medium price per keyword : between £21 and £30 a day

In keywords that cost hundred of pounds per day

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Fast penguin google penalty recovery in one month and a half

First real testimony on a Penguin recovery with one of our ne french clients : Piscine Center

Piscine Center signed with us 8 months ago for a pay per performance seo proposal on first page of Google. As results didn't show up under 4 months (as we used to), we suspected a penalty as our work didn't get any results.

Penguin penalty detect

The penalty was confirmed by Google on the 2012 june 10th and on the famous 2012 july 23 (Global international penguin feed-back from Google confirmed by Matt Cutts (Head of Google SPAM team : his message) on Google Webmaster Tools : Unnatural inbound links
23 juillet 2012
We've detected that some of the links pointing to your site are using techniques outside Google's Webmaster Guidelines.
We don't want to put any trust in links that are artificial or unnatural. We recommend removing any unnatural links to your site. However, we do realize that some links are outside of your control. As a result, for this specific incident we are taking very targeted action on the unnatural links instead of your site as a whole. If you are able to remove any of the links, please submit a reconsideration request, including the actions that you took.
If you have any questions, please visit our Webmaster Help Forum.

My client tried on its own to remove that penalty without success 5 times.
Each time (and this is very important), google gave a feedback saying that there still have some problems
Then he asked me if we were able to remove that pernalty (which was due to the two other seo company).
We made a proposal which was accepted at the beginning of septembre.

Penguin penalty recovery in 1,5 months

We then began to analyse Piscine center backlinks and made a list of all big backlink spam :

Backlink footer bars from their first seo agency
The biggest spam : massiv bar exchange with different keywords

False Blog, brut link footer exchange

We then contact each web site owner asking kindly to remove the backlinks under 5 open days. 80% removed the backlinks in the requested delay. Several recall were necessary for others. But two didn't removed :

Not answering our emails. We said to our clients that set up an legal emergency injunction at french commercial court. As they were ok, we tell the web site that we were near to setup the fast trial, they removed the backlinks

For the last one, it was more hard to remove. The links were comming from 10 falses blog which were made offshore and the webmaster didn't want to remove them and asked 50 Euros per link removed. My client was ready to go with another urgent trial when the other SEO agency paid those 50 Euros per links.

As soon as we checked that all links were removed, we then decided to ask our clients to make a reinclusion request on september 28 that we wrote for them. We asked to rensend our request once again on october 3rd

We then had a Google feedback on october 8th (always on Google Webmaster Tools) that said that our request was proceed and that they will reinclude the site if there is no problems.
This was the first time they did'nt say there was some problems

On october 12th, the penalty was removed ;-) and our client gain 2 position on the french very competitive keywords piscine (means swimming pool) and on others keywords.

Our clients didn't know the spam that were used by the two other SEO agency.

We now have an international proposal for penguin removal if you are interested.

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