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Pay per performance SEO

We are a french web agency that operate in UK with a commercial office. We only propose SEO activity in UK. We are the first company to provide pay per performance SEO on first Google natural page after a small setup fee. We work only with very competitive keywords and our daily price on result depend of its popularity.


Only SEO

1rst Google (and only 1rst) page on results

More than 7 000 000 unique visitors for our clients

Non blacklist guarantee for our work

Middle delay for the first Google page : 4 months

100 % whitehat

Daily work

Référencement Google

All our clients remain confidentials.

French keyword exemple debt consolidation, credit, swimming pool, spa, video game, champagne, defibrillator...

We only work on very competitive keywords (more than 1000 search per months)

And most of the time with a at least £2 Google Adwords CPC

Setup fee : £1770 for a old domain name and £3880 for a recent one

Medium price per keyword : between £21 and £30 a day

In keywords that cost hundred of pounds per day

(Located in France)
10 rue Augereau
75007 Paris
UK IP Phone : +44 (0) 20 3129 2474
Fax : 01 45 35 00 88
Email :

First page of google on results

It's our main activity : SEO with pay per performance on Google first natural page on very competitive keywords.
We were searching a good way to guarantee seo, but it is not possible because Google can change its algorithms day to day.
We try to reach it with our services.

Our economic models is quite simple, we are only paid if you reach the first natural page of Google.

Here are some point we want to focus on :

We do not guarantee anythning (guarantee would be a fool).

Medium delay to reach the first natural page of Google : 4 mois.

We only work with natural results (no Adwords).

We can propose a top 5 if for exemple, you are already on the 6th position.

We work daily on all our clients visibilities (on open days).

Our clients remain confidentials so that search engines are not tempt to favorise their commercial links.

We don't out-source our work (done in our main office in Paris)

Ethic : We don't take more than 3 clients per keywords..

We gave more that 7 000 000 unique visitors in 2011 to our clients (pessimistic estimation).

We guarantee non website blacklist for our work. See Our guarantees

The modifications we request are not mandatory because for big keywords the content is not king. Content is more important for small keywords that you can find in thelong tail queue.

We deal with country specification for its search engine.

Ex : Yandex in Russia, Yahoo in Japon, Baidu en Chine, Google/YahooBing in USA/World.
See International SEO


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